Red Zombie PS4 Custom Modded Controller

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Product Description

Get your hands on this amazing new custom official PS4 controller from CMC Modz. This controller is professionally painted, hydro dipped and finished with a high standard clear coat for extra protection and shine.

They stripped down the controller and then hydro dipped the front and back shell with a green skulls effect, giving this an awesome look about it. Each controller is finished with a top coat of a glossy clear lacquer to give it that extra protection and extra shine.

You are able to add extras to this controller from the buttons to the thumbsticks to match the theme of your controller. One way of settings your controller from the rest is to add your gamertag in vinyl to one or both sides of the handles.Even better have your name in lights, you can add words or names to the lightbar no to really show off to your friends.

These PS4 Custom controllers are all 100% genuine Sony products, brand new from the box and only opened to customise them.

Lots of colours and designs to choose from, so don't be boring like the rest of the world, give you PS4 some style!

As an added bonus all the controllers from CMC Mods come with a 100% money back guarantee, so if for some reason you are not happy with the controller they have sent your will be able to return it to them within 14 days and receive a full refund.

Product Information


Design your controller your way with a special tag (maybe use your gamertag or if its a gift a special name). We will make it happen for you using only the best vinyl.

Domin8or Buttons

Want to be like the CoD pros?

As an FPS player, Do you want to be able to quickly press all the buttons you need at once?

Now get the power to do it all simultaneously (and with no-hiccups precision too) by getting Domin8or Buttons on your controller. Located conveniently at the rear of your controller, right where the lower gripping finger rests, Domin8ors are smashing as second buttons of your choosing. You can opt to make A, B, RC, LC, X or Y as your left or right Domin8or Buttons. Though as gaming product pros, we must tell you that A and B are by far the most popular choices.

With Domin8or buttons under your command, you can drive your enemies crazy by getting them confused and guessing. Just think, you will be able to jump, shoot, move and drop prone - all at the same time. Call it multi-tasking to shoot, destroy and escape!

If total domination is your idea of high action as a regular FPS player, get the Domina8or buttons. And give your game the edge it needs.

You can also add a Controller Modz exclusive modchip that offers amazing features like rapid fire, drop shot and quick scope. You have the choice of 3 different mod chips that you can add to the controller today All controllers will come with a 6 month warranty as standard.

Product Features

- Shell hydro dipped in a green carbon effect - High quality gloss clear coat providing added protection - 100% genuine product - Add your name or gamertag in vinyl or the lightbar! - Brand new Original Packaging - Coloured buttons and thumbsticks now available

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