Types of Mods

Different type of mods

What we thought we would do to make it a little bit easier to work out what you were buying with your modded controller, so what we have done is created this sort FAQ and answers about the types of mods that the controllers can have and what they will do for Xbox modded controllers and PlayStation modded controllers. We hope this helps and if you have any more questions please get in contact with us.

What is Rapid Fire Mode? –This mode is for normal rapid firing on the right-hand trigger button (Push R1 on PS3) (Push RT on XBOX) (For both XBOX 360/PlayStation 3)

What is the Dual Akimbo Rapid Fire Mode? - This is Rapid Fire mod for R1 and L1 on the Playstation and LT and RT on the XBOX. Use this for two pistols. It will provide rapid fire for both guns in your hands. (XBOX 360/PlayStation 3)

What is Patchbuster? - This mode is referred to as our COD5 or COD World At War 5 Mode. The producers of COD, Treyarch Studios immensely speed patched this game and is the fastest available rapid fire speed that is offered on COD5. (PlayStation 3/XBOX 360)

What are Burst Modes? - The burst mode is a rapid firing mode that fires a three round rapid fire burst when you press the Right-hand trigger. (Adjustable mods with burst modes are changeable with a choice of shots per burst) (XBOX 360 ONLY)

What is Auto-Aim? – The Auto-Aim mode does not work on the multiplayer games and can only be used offline or online during the zombie or normal game mode on COD. It automatically locks onto any Zombie target. Just select the Auto Aim mode, enter the game then hold the left trigger so your weapon locks on to the zombie, and shoot to kill. There is no Rapid Fire with auto aim.

What is Drop Shot /tactical? - In our Drop Shot, there are 4 sub modes built into the mode, which lets you perform faster and deadlier attacks. Pulling the trigger to fire will give you a huge advantage over your enemies because the player will immediately drop to the prone position. Due to high demand, this mod can now also be used in the tactical button settings layout. (PlayStation 3 ONLY)

What is v2 Auto-Aim? - The V2 Auto-Aim is available from some modded controller retailers on ten mod adjustable controllers, but it is available here for 6 and 8 as well as 10 mode. This is one of the best functions. It has the Rapid fire built in with the option to switch on or off from 1 mode just after touching the sync button 2x while not pressing any of the triggers. The 8 and 10 mode adjustable mods have  Auto-Aim V2 as well, which also means you can change the speeds of the Rapid Fire. (XBOX 360 ONLY)

What is Fast Reload? - This mod also works with a COD glitch that's been patched in MW3. It will take milliseconds off of your reload time. (PlayStation 3 ONLY)

What is Akimbo Mimic? - This mode isn’t Rapid fire, but its purpose is still effective. When you approach another player, aim with the left trigger, then hit the right trigger about a half-second later to fire. In Akimbo Mimic mode, pressing the right trigger aims the gun automatically and fires together! (XBOX 360 ONLY)

What is Jump Shot Drop Shot? – The jump Shot Drop Shot function was introduced in 2011. When you find a player in this mode, just hit your right trigger and you will then drop to the ground and start firing, causing the enemy to miss his shot when he fires back. Enabling Jump Shot will make your player jump and fire, rather than drop. (XBOX 360 ONLY)

What is Akimbo Jump Shot Drop Shot? – This mod is the same as the Jump Shot Drop mode, except with Akimbo mode is included. This allows you to use two guns while you jump or drop, and make rapid-fire shots. (ONLY XBOX 360)

What are Adjustable Speeds? – The 4, 6, 8, 10, 6 v2, 8 v2, and 10 v2 mods are all available. All of them are non-adjustable so therefore the speed cannot be changed. An adjustable mod means you can use the programming mode on the controller to change the rapid fire speed. If the game's producers speed-patch any games, you can still decrease the speed of your own modes to be able to break the new patch. Our microchips have two modes for the most popular games on the non-adjustable mods - One is slightly slower, in case the game gets patched. (XBOX 360/PlayStation 3)

Adjustable Button Layout? - This can be found on the eight mod adjustable controllers for the PS3. R1 and L1 are the two triggers you use during play, out of the 4 triggers on the PS3 controllers. They are the buttons that rapid fire is on. If desired, you can use the adjustable button layout to change it to the L2 and R2 buttons. (PlayStation 3 ONLY)

What is Adjustable Akimbo? - This enables you to change the speed of shots of dual weapons. This will allow you to break a new speed patch, or increase/decrease the rate of fire. (PlayStation 3 ONLY)

What is Auto Akimbo? - This allows you to mimic L1 by pressing R1. If you have dual full automatic guns, pulling R1 will fire both L1 and R1. It also has rapid fire, so simply pressing R1 will rapid fire two semi-automatic pistols. (PlayStation 3 ONLY)

What is Jitter Fire? - Jitter Fire works dually with a glitch in the Call of Duty series. Any slow semi-automatic shotgun or 3 round burst weapon will fire faster with this mod. This has been patched in Modern Warfare 3, so it isn’t available to use with that game. (PlayStation 3 ONLY)

What is Quick Scope? - Activating Quick Scope allows your weapon to scope and fire by pressing the aim button. A delay of just a few milliseconds in the firing makes the shot more accurate and allows you to get that kill! Like the functions in our Elite mod, quick scope can be used with rapid fire. (PlayStation 3 ONLY)

What is Auto Sniper Breath? - This is a must-have mod even for gamers who don't prefer rapid fire. When you are using a sniper rifle, you can press L1 to use the scope and the mod will hold L3 automatically, which means your player will be holding his/her breath when you start to scope. (PlayStation 3 ONLY)