Turtle Beach PX4 Headset Review

turtle beach px4

Now that the next-gen consoles have finally hit the market, plenty of gamers will be on the hunt for a good headset to make playing their games that little bit better. Unfortunately, since the PS4 and Xbox One have only been out for a relatively short period of time, we might have to wait a while.

However, Turtle Beach have already brought out the PX4 headset which is compatible with the PS4 as well as the PS3 and Xbox 360. Let’s take a look at the PX4 headset and see if you should buy it now or wait for better ones to come out:


At the moment the Turtle Beach Ear Force PX4’s are just under £150, which is within budget for lots of avid gamers. Setting up the headset is as simple as it could be since all you need to do is plug in a wireless box via the USB port and plug in the optical cable which is included, this then allows the wireless headset to connect to your PS4 for example.

Turtle Beach say that the battery life of the PX4 is around the 15-hour mark and we’re glad to say that when we were using it we managed to get close to 15 hours of game play out of it. One thing that some people may notice is that the charging cable that comes with this headset is really long which is always a good thing since it allows you to charge it while gaming with your friends online!

One let down is that if you want to chat to friends or whatever you need to have it plugged into the DualShock 4 controller. However, since the PX4 supports Bluetooth we’ll just have to wait for Sony to bring out a Bluetooth functionality patch which should be out within the next few months or so.

Sound Quality

The PX4 really does a good job when it comes to sound quality, thanks to the Dolby Digital Surround Sound technology used. At the price range that it costs, you’ll find it difficult to come across another headset which competes with it in terms of sound quality – although if you need a PS4 headset you’ve got no other choice but to go for the Turtle Beach PX4 at the minute.

We tested the PX4’s sound quality with a number of different games including Battlefield 4 and COD Ghosts and were very impressed with it. Another nice touch by Turtle Beach is that this headset allows you to customise the sound you get a lot. For example, you can choose between 6 equalisers presets on the headset as well as being able to adjust the levels that your voice comes through in your own headset which is perfect for testing out whether you’re voice is coming across clear or not.

Build and Comfort

Although we’ve only had a chance to test out this bit of kit for a couple of days so far, it definitely feels as if a lot of time has been spent making sure that this headset will last. It just feels as solid as a rock, not to mention comfortable to wear.

After 15 minutes of using the PX4, we almost forgot that we had it on which is quite rare when it comes to gaming headsets these days. There are a couple of buttons on the side of it though which caused a bit of trouble, unfortunately. We must have pressed some of these buttons around 10 times over the course of a few days by accident, and since you just hear a normal “beep” noise it was impossible to tell which button we accidentally pushed. However, as time went on this was less of a problem.

A clever move from Turtle Beach was to have a blue ring around the ear cups which go together perfectly with the blue stripe on the PS4. It’s almost as if this is an official Sony headset since you just get the feeling that it matches so well with the console. Even the stitching is blue which goes to show that they’ve spent time on these little nice aesthetic touches.

Overall the Turtle Beach Ear Force PX4 headset is a really good piece of kit, especially considering that it’s the first of its kind that works with the PS4. It has made us hopeful that there are lots to look forward to over the next couple of years but if you after something now then this should be one of your first choices.