Turtle Beach Ear Force PX22 Review

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If you're an avid gamer, chances are you've looked into buying a headset at one point in your life, or have actually owned gaming headsets at one time. If you're immersed in the gaming headset community as well, you've definitely heard of Turtle Beach. Turtle Beach usually strives to promote the absolute finest headsets that money can buy, and with the Turtle Beach PX22, they've surely outdone themselves again. We're going to take a look at exactly where this headset really shows off its power and where it strives in this headset review.

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One of the main necessities that gaming headsets have come to offer over the years is the availability of being multi-platform. If you don't know what multi-platform is, it basically means that the headset will work on everything you need it to work on. From your PC, to the Xbox 360 to your Playstation 3 and even your mobile devices and tablets, basically anything you can put a 3.5mm jack into. If you’re looking for a headset that’s compatible instead of dragging around a multitude of different headsets for your different consoles, all you need is the Turtle Beach PX22 and you're good to go.

Another huge benefit of this headset is the fact that it doesn't require batteries, unlike many other headsets. It runs completely off a USB port. There's no need for extra adapters, batteries, or anything. You can hook the Turtle Beach PX22 to anything with a USB port and use it. Turtle Beach has really made using this headset as easy as can be.

The Box

The package of the headset is something you would expect to see when buying gaming gear. On the front you’ve got some specifications, main features, MLG logo, model name and a big picture of the actual headphones. The back contains of a write-down of features, what the package contains, and the specifications. On the side, you’ve got in-line amp guide. The first thing you get to see is the documentation with a quick start guide, which includes additional stickers, but also cables and accessories hidden in a pretty stylish package. When you remove the next cover, you see the actual product, but also the inline amp.

turtle beach px22 box

turtle beach px22 box

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Comfort is a very important aspect when it comes to gaming headphones. If you’re planning to spend a lot of hours playing Call of Duty in front of your TV, you don’t want the pleasure being stopped by hurting your ears from ear pads or the tip of your head from bad headband of the headset. One huge problem that we usually have with other headsets is the fact that after using them for extended periods of time, it can hurt your ears. This is usually due to the headsets being incredibly uncomfortable on your head and ears. Turtle Beach has taken a step forward here, and this headset truly is comfortable. You will have no issues with uncomfortable positioning or anything similar as long as you're using this headset. We were able to use it for 6 hours while gaming and listening to music, and experienced no discomfort.

turtle beach px22 inside


Another thing that makes the PX22 really stand out is its inline controller. You can control everything from this simple controller. From the bass and treble, to the volume and even mute your microphone on the go, everything is covered by this inline controller. We sometimes have issues with other inline controllers, but this controller was made in a very functional manner, with the gamer in mind. This allows you to use it easily when you need to switch my volume settings. The microphone itself is ultra flexible and did well in our tests of voice chat, Skype calls and Teamspeak. A great feature on the inline controller was you are now able to plug in your mobile phone with the provided cable. What is the point of this I hear you ask? Well it’s a pretty clever idea, when you are gaming you really cant hear what is going on in the outside world around you, for example hear you phone ringing. Plug your phone in and change the setting switch on the inline controller and when someone rings you will be able to hear it through the headset, but not only that you can then answer the phone and chat to whoever through the headset why still playing your game! Genius!

turtle beach px22 inline controller


The main things that they got right with the Turtle Beach PX22 is the sound quality as well as the microphone. The sound quality on this headset is so great considering the price. The PX22 is good enough to use to listen to music, not only when playing games. The microphone is pretty much perfect as well. It swivels and moves around to a wide range of different positions. We’ve never had issues using the headset in various voice communication instances. From talking on Xbox Live with fellow gamers, to communicating with family on Skype, this microphone hasn't had any issues yet.

This product is equipped with one of the bigger drivers of 50mm, they produce a fine sound. They also have the stereo type of sound, which isn’t the most desired in gaming gear, because it doesn’t always sound as good as Dolby Surround, but thanks to Turtle Beach engineers you can still know where that bullet came from. The PX22 deliver a great audio experience on whatever you plug them in to, whether it’s a PC, PS3, Xbox 360 or even your phone. They sound crisp and clear and you can hear the nice “thud” of the bass when you expect it. However, you have to realize those aren’t £200 Hi-Fi audiophile headphones, but that’s probably not something you need when you order PX22.


This headset is very newbie-friendly as well. Included along with the headset is an instructional guide welcoming you to the Turtle Beach family, and showing you exactly how everything works. Sometimes setting up your gaming headset for the optimal settings can be difficult, and Turtle Beach explains the process wonderfully. Aside from the guide, you'll also include an auxiliary cable, a talkback cable, a female RCA splitter cable, and of course, the headset itself. Everything you would ever need for the headset is included in the box.

If you're looking for a fairly mid-range headset that won't break your bank, but still gets the job done, and very well, this is the headset for you. We were impressed with the quality of the product for the price that it costs. We’d easily compare it to some headsets that cost around double the price, simply because of the great sound quality and microphone associated with this headset. Throw in the comfort level, and the multi-platform compatibility, and you've got a great headset here.