Top Gaming Keyboards

Are you playing a game without gaming keyboard and thinking why you are not able to achieve the victory? Remember that no one can achieve victory in the battle field without the sword so gaming keyboard is necessary to win the game as it is especially designed to meet the needs of a game as well as the gamer and serious gamers are aware of the fact that what it means to have a gaming keyboard. Gaming keyboards have special types of switches that help to play a game swiftly and they feel so smooth and silky under the skin of the fingers of gamers thus help prevent gamers fingers to get tired in between a game which is very important because if you are a serious gamer and your game is the matter of life and death for you then you probably won’t like to skip the game only because your fingers can’t move more so gaming keyboards solve this problem by providing exclusively designed switches.

Gaming keyboards usually have two types of keys that are either Mechanical or Membrane keys. Mechanical keys are the most common keys and these are the type of keys which bounce back towards the finger after touching them so pro gamers use it because these type of keys are easy to detect whereas Membrane keys do not give embossed feeling and they are tight and smooth like a membrane thus experienced gamers use them because of the smooth feeling under the skin.

Imagine you want to play a game at night and your game partners are continuously calling you but you can’t because your roommate wants to sleep and he is not letting you on the lights then let the scary night passed and make the decision to buy a gaming keyboard because some of them are in the market are furnished with light under the buttons by which you can play the games in the dark even because gaming keyboard makes sure that you would not miss any button and can play game at night easily. Gaming keyboards also help to save the ‘macro’ during the game. Macros are the long commands which gamers need to put in between the game in order to play a particular stroke. Gaming keyboards have this capacity to save these macros in a single key for gamers hence a gamer who is playing the game with gaming keyboard does not have to push the whole command because it’s just a key away so gaming keyboard save the time in game which is very essential during a serious game. Some keyboards also provide the macro recording facility by which you don’t have to tell the keyboard a macro command sequence every time you switch on the game and macro record button will do it for you, this ability of a gaming keyboard is known as ‘on-the-fly macro recording in gaming keyboards’.

Razer Blackwidow Chroma Mechanical USB Gaming Keyboard


This amazing mechanical gaming keyboard rose to fame and became the trendiest gaming keyboard globally after being launched in 2010. This keyboard features a cutting-edge technology of programmable & multi-colour backlit keys. This gaming keyboard is designed to give all the players an unfair advantage hence it’s perfect for intense gamers. This magnificent piece of art is designer in such an innovative way that it can withstand countless strokes so it’s very durable.

Razer Blackwidow will allow gamers to take their gaming skills towards a completely different and exciting level. They will be able to play with more speed and precision, thus this gaming board has redefined all the existing limiting functions of gaming keyboards so the gamers will be able to play even faster. The multi-colour backlit keys can be customized which makes this keyboard the best choice for gamers, they will be finally able to express themselves freely with wonderful different colours and personalized lighting controls.

This amazing masterpiece is specifically designed for gaming purposes and for those gamers who consider gaming an important part of their lives. The awesome razer mechanical switches can be optimized or reset to improve the gaming experience of the customers providing the gamers with an uncertain and unimaginable speed.

Whether your favourite colour is blue because it’s serene or red because it signifies danger, this keyboard provides with you a freedom of choice so you can choose any colour you want from the featured 16.8 million colours, the possibilities are endless so you can play around all you want. The inter-device colour synchronization is to blow people’s minds away because the razer chroma enable gaming weapons would go hand-in-hand with each other. Enjoy the razer advantage longer now even in your intense gaming sessions and marathons.

Like, all other Razer Chroma enabled devices, this one also comes with an open SDK which allows game developers to enjoy the multitude of lighting and colour options available for chromes by simply integrating amazing and advanced effects to create certain alerts and different other features in the game.

The programmable backlit keys are the best thing you could ever find in a gaming keyboard because this is completely flexible and enjoyable for any kind of gamer. The lighting effects and preloaded with different types of games sop the gamers can create their own programmed palette of colours to brilliantly increase the enhancement of their gaming experience. The gamers are permitted to sync their own lighting settings.

An amazing software, Razer Synapse serves as the brain of the Razer Black Widow Chroma and adds the power and life into this keyboard. The gamers can choose their own personal settings for the keyboard which ranges from breathing, cycling, preloaded templates, reactive and other things automatically.

These amazing features make this keyboard the bestselling keyboard if the world so if you have always had a knack for amazing gaming keyboard, this is one thing you should definitely check out.

Razer Deathstalker Expert Gaming Keyboard


The Razer DeathStalker gaming keyboard gives epic gaming power for merciless gamers. It features slim key caps which are specially designed and structured for rapid-fire gamers and shorter travel distance. You will feel as your fingers are flying over the keyboard at the speed of lightening but you won’t feel uncomfortable at all. Unlike the other boring and traditional keyboards, this gaming keyboard provides comfort with excellence and hence it allows 10 simultaneous key presses which is like a dream for gamers.

At the Centre of Control

If you have amazing and fast reflexes then Razer DeathStalker Keyboard is something you should definitely not miss on. Ignite the light of gaming within you with this innovative gaming keyboard and fire up your instincts. This fully backlit keyboard is engineered for amazingly fast actuations so the gamers can unleash countless commands at a single time. This keyboard will make your gaming experience more thrilling and adventurous. It is designed to enable gamers to feel powerful and merciless while playing.

Fully Programmable Slim Chiclet Keycaps

Razer Deathstalker Keyboard features a 2mm chiclet keycaps to activate each key, this makes the gaming faster and speedy. If you are intense gamer then you should definitely have this gaming keyboard because with the help of this amazing masterpiece you will be able to react efficiently to different situations games. The slim chiclet keycaps allow fingers to move freely and speedily enhancing the gaming experience of the gamer. If you are working up on a plan for gaming domination, don’t forget to make this keyboard an ally.

Gaming mode and the 10 Key Rollover

The gamers can trigger as many keys as they want in this Razer Deathstalker gaming keyboard. If you are worried about the compatibility of the keyboard, then don’t worry because this keyboard will not only allow you to actuate keys, it will also get them register efficiently and very quickly in the game. This keyboard has anti-ghosting capabilities through which you can deliver a mind blowing destruction to your enemies and opponents in the game. This amazing thing will make sure that all the commands are registered and executed accurately.

Razer Synapse Enabled

Razer Synapse is known to be a spearhead technology software that can said to be the brain of Razer Synapse, and it syncs the gaming keyboard automatically to download through a cloud server, the updates and drivers and it does all that while saving your original settings and data. This feature is like a dream of every awesome gamer out there. Whether you are gaming in no light or low light the backlit keys would never allow you to misclick and will make your decisions easier.

Ergonomic Palm Rest

The Razer DeathStalker gaming keyboard is structured with a palm rest so your wrists can easily support it while you are on your way to your next gaming victory. This features delivers excellence with comfort hence making all the gamers fall in love with it. You can even stay up all night or play all day on tournaments without feeling itchy and uncomfortable.

Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2014 Elite Mechanical USB Keyboard

Razer Blackwidow Ultimate lives up to its name and reputation as it is built up with mechanical switches which will help you to take your game to the next level and transform your dull and boring gaming life into a creative and exciting one. This keyboard will allow gamers to play with speed & precision, two factors which are needed the most in any gaming keyboard. This beauty is manufactured for brilliant gamers as it is very elite and will allow you to redefine your gaming limits. Have a thrilling gaming adventure with this keyboard.

World’s First Mechanical Switch Designed For Gaming

You already know that Razer have done everything they can to improve the switches on this keyboard, they have been structured in such a way that the aim was im prove not only responsiveness but also speed and precision. These mechanical switches are World’s first mechanical switch especially designed for gaming which makes them even more special. This keyboard is capable of many things which will make the gaming experience quite wonderful. Razer Blackwidow has been tested by eSports athletes and they have validated it. This keyboard allows gamers to make faster demands with comfort and it’s also very durable so the gamers will be able to enjoy good performance.

The Benchmark in the World Of Competitive Games

The Razer mechanical switch of this keyboard is engineered to trigger at an optimal distance of 1.9 mm and not only that; it’s also able to reset itself automatically to fire at less distance than the original mechanical switch. This permits gamers to trigger with the speed of the lightening and hence increases their credibility in the world of gaming. If you want to set a benchmark in the world of competitive gaming then this is your best choice.

Pro Gamer Validated

This keyboard is especially made for innovative gamers who have a knack of trying something fun while gaming. This keyboard has been evolving since a few years and have completely transformed into a brilliant masterpiece to be enjoyed by stupendous gamers worldwide. Black Widow takes the best games and makes them even better for you. The switches will feel great and you will feel as if your fingers are dancing swiftly on the keyboard while you are playing, giving you a complete control of each keystroke. This is something every gamer needs to experience. So, if you are looking for something adventurous and fun, this is the perfect thing to begin with.

10 Key Rollover

If you are afraid of missing a single key or ten keys in that matter then let Razer Blackwidow scare away your fear because there with the help of this keyboard you will never miss a single key. This keyboard has a built-in technology which allows the gamers to initiate many commands at a single time and all those commands are executed immediately without any delay or fault. If you are a gamer who takes gaming seriously and considers it an important part of his life then you must be on a look-out for good keyboard, well, good news, now you don’t have to look for it anymore because Razer Blackwidow has everything you would need in a perfect keyboard.


In the growing era of technology most people are not comfortable with using touching pads as they like the swiftness and smooth flow provided by touch pads so gaming keyboards also have solution for this situation and they have a touch pad attached to the side of gaming keyboard by which a person can easily handle some of the functions during the game and can enjoy the game in a way he might not have enjoyed ever so gaming keyboards serve almost every function that is necessary to play the game and it makes the game fancy.

Some gaming keyboards not only have touch pads but they also have LCD displays track-panel which help the gamer to track macros, detailed movements, mini-maps, statistics and several techniques during the game and this is kind of a revolution in the gaming key-boards. If you have to quit the game at different levels because you have to excess different social media applications then no one needs a gaming keyboard more than you because new and advanced gaming keyboards are designed with a function, which helps the gamer pausing the game and start using any medium like Facebook, twitter or YouTube. So if you are stuck in between the game and you don’t know what you have to do to cross this level then you will be able to switch on YouTube or Google for the trick. Advanced gaming keyboards also provide an option to save all your settings, keys and macro information at cloud so that if your gaming keyboard gets older and you want to switch it with a new one or you want another gaming keyboard for friend or office then you would not have to go through the hectic of saving up all your desired settings again but you can download them instantly from the cloud settings where all your previous data is saved through your previous gaming keyboard.