Top 6 Best Multiplayer Games

One of the best ways to spend fun-filled time with your friends is to play on multiplayer gaming consoles. The adrenaline filled rush, urge to win and healthy competition, all pays off in the best of memories. The multiplayer games remain the most popular online platforms in existence.

This article focuses on some of the best online multiplayer games of all time.

1.   Battlefield 3

This is the latest edition in the Battlefield series. The ambience is set in the modern day and offers urban combat which is unavailable in any other games currently in the market. The game has vehicle combat, cooperative gameplay and highly destructive environments which motivate players to work with a team for both offence and defence.

 2.   Forza Horizon

This is the latest entry in the Forza Motorsports Franchise. This game attempts to make the game more accessible. The challenge is set in a fictitious racing carnival called Horizon in Colorado. The game has to offer vast, open world environment, a wide variety of cars, realistic physics and HD graphics. The players can fully customise their ride decals and play in the highly enjoyable cat and mouse chase mode.

 3.   Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

This is the continuation of the first series and is an improvement in the game in several ways. The addition of Scorestreaks which replaces Killstreaks allows players to support roles without having to worry about the number of people killed. The game also sees the return of the zombies’ mode where players can engage in a battle face off against flesh eating zombies.

 4.   Super street fighter IV

In this new version, Capcom has included 10 new characters in addition to the old 25. The game also includes additional modes line Team Battle which can support up to 8 players, an Endless Battle mode for 8 players of rotating shifts and a replay channel. The game is certainly an improvement as panned originally by the critics.

 5.   Minecraft

Although the game began in a single player mode, with numerous updates over years, Minecraft has become one of the most popular multiplayer games on the Xbox 360. The popularity of the game can be attributed to the feature that the players can craft kingdoms and castles to their hearts’ desire and explore the wilderness for extraordinary adventures. The game is perfect for family entertainment.

 6.   Left 4 Dead 2

This game is an absolute blast to play with friends. The fast release of various patches and free DLC content, the game is delightful on a large TV with a surround system offering the next level of experience. The game is tactical team play and cooperative game work at its finest which is quite engaging on higher difficulty levels.