The Debate on Modded Controllers

Have you a Modded Controller? That’s cheating... Isn’t it? Well boys and girls, if you’ve had a conversation (Out loud or in your head), about modified (Modded) controllers, you would have debated: “is this fair and is it even legal?” Controller Modding is Completely Legal. The only thing you have to worry about is, “Have I got the best mod?”. (The leading Controller modification company) is constantly up-to-date with every modification on the market.

These guys mean business. They are fully prepared for whatever the daunting gaming industry has to throw at them. Like I have said before, these guys mean business; they have modification plans for games that are not even released yet.

This modding stuff isn’t easy, these guys crack down hard using their elite team of designers and technicians. Not only do they offer amazing modifications (that make your gameplay pro), they also do some amazing visual modifications. If you’re just after some style these bad boys have you covered! NO PROBLEM.

But I can still hear you saying, “Aren’t Microsoft and Sony going to be mad if I’m using one of these?” Well Yes and no, yes because you will kick ass! You will be a champ in no time at all. Microsoft might frown upon the fact you have an unfair advantage but that’s where they stop caring. You see, Microsoft and Sony earn big out of this industry. Think about it, the controllers have to come from somewhere... Think of it like this, a bigger TV could be thought of as a tool that helps you play better, no? So a TV is a bit like a modification to your gameplay? If the option is there to be better, why shouldn’t you take it?

Still, have questions? has AMAZING customer service. They are more than willing to answer any of your questions you might have! Anything, from thoughts and concerns to mail inquiries; they have the answers. And before you say it, no you don’t to stay waiting on the phone to talk to someone! They have online chat which is awesome because it means you can sit on the website while waiting rather than holding a phone up to your ear. Mega Plus!

If you’re Serious about gaming and you want to add more to your experience like nothing else can, then you really should check out!

Rapid Fire!

More and more gamers have started using modified rapid fire controllers to their advantage. For those of you that don’t know what a rapid fire controller is, it is a controller that has been adapted to allow you to fire semi-automatic weapons as if they were fully automatic. Imagine a gun with the accuracy and damage of the FAL that was fully automatic. These controllers can give you the upper hand against your enemies and aid you and your team to success. The controllers themselves can look exactly the same as a standard Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 controller, but inside they are slightly different. A chip is installed that allows the rapid-fire action to take place without ever affecting the appearance of the controller.

Since modifying your controller yourself can seem very daunting and most of us wouldn’t know where to start, there are a few companies out there which modify controllers themselves and then sell them on. This gives you the peace of mind that the controller has been modified correctly and professionally. is a trustworthy and successful company aimed at bringing quality and unique products to their customers. Their modded controllers come in many different styles with very eye-catching graphics and colour schemes. The website offers a mail-in service where you can get your own controller modded and customised professionally or you can order one brand new. Apart from the rapid fire modification, you can also order your controller to have various illumination features, other mods like a ‘drop shot button’ or fast reload. These mods will also give you the edge over the competition. Although may not be the cheapest controller modding company, their quality and trustworthiness make the investment well worthwhile. Cheaper modded controllers will be made with the lowest of quality materials in third world countries with low-quality control and assurance. Buying a rapid fire controller from will ensure you that your controller will be what you expected and with a warranty, you can ensure that you will get the support you need after purchase.