SquidGrip Review for PS3 and Xbox 360

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There hasn’t been a time in a gamer’s life where they didn’t get sweaty palms while playing an intense game one time or another. Can you think of a worse thing to happen to you, you are going on the amazing streak, your hand feels a bit sweaty, you go to wipe your hand and in the split second you think you have time to do it, BANG, you decided to catch a bullet in your face and have to start all over again.


Let’s face it, gaming can get very intense sometimes and are hands get a little sweaty from trying to grip the life out of your controller, the guys over at SquidGrip decided to do something about this and create a product to make sweaty palms a thing of the past for both the Xbox 360 and the PS3.


We spoke to the guys out SquidGrip and they sent us one of each to try out and see how good they really are. Within 4 days we had received ours in the post from the US to the UK, which is a great turnaround time and great service by these guys. The product comes well packaged, it screams quality product inside. Inside the packaging, you will find, 1 SquidGrip set, 4 Badges, 1 sticker and instructions on how to apply and clean.

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Fitting the SquidGrips really isn’t that hard but looking at the grips themselves you might think “how the hell am I going to fit these?”

A quick look at the instructions which has pictures as well to follow, it really wasn’t that hard at all and within 5 minutes we were ready to carry on gaming again.


The grips have a low profile on the controller so you won’t notice they are there but they also offer a firm yet padded surface or your hands to grip to. They are made of an anti-microbial which just wicks away any sweat, even after hours of playing my hands stayed bone dry. Made latex-free so anyone with an allergy to latex will be able to use these as well. No other product out there can provide you with dry hands, improved grip and comfort like these.


Right so there is all the positives you will need to know about, no more sweaty hands, better grip on your controller also being able to play better, but now for the negatives. Well, there really isn’t anything, the only negative I can think of is that they are only available in black! That’s all I can think of for now, but that really shouldn’t put you off anyway because the price is so good.

They sell for $14.99 and it is a complete no-brainer, go order them now! Also take a look at the custom badges you can get as well for an extra $2.99 well worth taking a look to spice up the colour on these.


To sum up the SquidGrip does everything it sets out to do, keeps your hands dry and gives you extra grip and comfort on the controller, it is easy to apply and take off if need and it’s easy to clean. I would recommend this to anyone that gets even the slightest sweaty hands and at $14.99 it is well worth it. Check out SquidGrip.com for more information and “Stop naked controller abuse!”