Roxio Game Capture HD Pro Review

So we got talking with Roxio and asked them if we could do a review of their Game Capture HD Pro and they were more than happy to send us a product and do a review of it on our website to share with you guys. We thought this would be the kind of product you would be interested in seeing how it works.

Roxio game caputre HD pro box

If you do not know what this product is, it is a great way for you to record your game play from your games console if you can attach a component cable (on the PS3 and older Xbox 360) or just using HDMI cables, so you could use this to record PC game play also.

We have only had a little time to play with this and so far it has been great, so much better to use than just using the theatre mode in Black ops 2 etc. as you can upload more than 2 minutes of video.

Inside the box you will find the HD pro card, a disc with all the drivers and video recording software and a USB cable for connecting the capture card to your PC or laptop. The only annoying thing was that unlike the Elgato capture card this did not come with any HDMI cables so after we got it we had to go buy some to use the device. (Word of warning you will need to get a component cable for the PS3 as HDMI is unsupported due to it being protected.) After we tried the HDMI we then found out we had to go buy a component cable as well.


It would be nice if they did include just one HDMI as you will need an extra one. Anyway after all that setting up the capture card could not be easier, it didn’t take more than 5 mins to plug in the cables and change the settings on the PS3 to HDMI to component, which still supports 1080i. Installing the software was as easy as just clicking next a few times and we were ready to go and capture some video.

As you can see the size of the card is very good, you can basically hide it anywhere and will not get in the way, it’s not a bad look thing either so we don’t mind having it on display, it gets its power from the USB cable from your PC and lights up with purple lights when it is on.

Right down to the important stuff now, the recording of game play, we you open up the software you have 2 options to choose from, capture and edit and share. Choose the capture option for recording game play or if you want to live stream you games, there is a simple menu to use to choose with what input you will be using and changing the brightness, contrast, the location of where you would like the video to be saved and the quality of the recording you would like, all pretty simple to use and we just left everything at the default levels for all of our test and the video quality seems good for the file sizes we have created.

roxio capture menu

You can change the input resolution you will be using, that will be another factor in the quality of the video and the video file size, you can choose from 480p, 720p and 1080. We changed ours to 720p as we didn’t want to create too big of a file to upload.

Capture settings menu

The quality of the video we got was good and we have post a video we create very quickly below, the capture card outputs the video in a M2TS file format, this can be convert by the video editing software that comes with the device to AVI,MP4 or WMV. You can also edit your video with other editing software such as Sony Vegas Pro but that does cost a lot of money if you are just starting to record videos or you are just doing this as a hobby.

After we had capture a bit of gameplay it was time for us to use the Roxio videowave software to edit out video, the software can load up and previous text styles and pre-sets you have used before so you can easily use them again, some of the feature on the software include a speed changer and lots of effect overlays.

editing menu Roxio Capture Card

The software could not be simpler to use and it does of a variety of transitions colour correction options text styles to use in your edit of your gameplay, I don’t think we have really scratch the surface on what we could do with our videos, we did notice that you can add extra audio in to your time line such as voice overs and adding music. We are still working everything out for ourselves and now that we will be using the more and more and creating some fantastic videos in the process.

After you have created your video it is time to show it to the world, there is a sharing button in the editing software so you can upload you videos straight to YouTube and even Facebook, admittedly some of you will find that it doesn’t quite live up to the attention to detail of the Sony Vegas software this is the prefect software to use for anyone starting out and doesn’t have the £300 to spend on a license for Sony Vegas.

In conclusion I would have to highly recommend the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro to anyone wanting to get into YouTube or whether you just want to share you edit’s with you friends and have some fun making videos.

It offers Amazing HD videos up to 1080p, very simple and easy to use software for both capturing and editing, online stream straight from the device, small and compact, no need for the extra power cables as it is powered by the USB and it is cheaper than the others.

Currently at this time it is around the £85 from amazon which is a great price compare to the Hauppauge PVR at £125 and the Elgato which is a about £135.

Thanks to Ben at Corel for letting me review your product.