Razer Diamondback Review

The Original Razer Diamondback gaming mouse was one of the first of its kind. It debuted at the World Cyber Games in 2004 and won various awards after, including Editor’s Choice by both Computer Gaming World and PC gamer and 2004 Hardware of the Year by Gamespot. After a decade, popular demand is bringing it back. So, how does the Razer Diamondback revival stand up against its predecessor and other gaming mice in the industry? Let’s find out.


The demand for the design of the original Diamondback was one of the major reasons for its return. It is ambidextrous, which is great in an industry that does not always remember there are left-handed players. The Diamondback is also longer (4.9 inches) and slimmer (2.6 inches) than most of the mice out there. The unique shape of the mouse means that you will either absolutely love or hate its design. Personally, I found that it is not so great for palm grips and it worked quite well for a claw grip. Unfortunately, this does not work well with all types of gameplay.

Another design aspect that you will either love or hate is the scroll wheel. The scroll wheel is designed with small notches that prevent accidental scrolling during game play. However, this also does not let your scroll wheel rotate as freely as you would like and it also makes it difficult to scroll quickly, especially if you must scroll several lines.

This gaming mouse is also designed with textured rubber strips that are meant to improve your grip of the mouse. This is a great feature, but you cannot hold onto these grips if you have wider hands without either your thumb or pinkie dragging along the mouse pad as you play.

A great aspect of the design is the wired cable that comes with this mouse. It is a sturdy, braided cable that is 7 feet in length. This long cord is great for game play and it is also resistant to sticking and twisting.

Appearance and Customization                        

The mouse itself is a matte black colour. It comes with a triple-serpent logo on the palm grip.

The customization factor comes in when you add Chroma lighting into the mix. It lets you choose from 16.8 million colour options for the lighting on your mouse, which appears along the side strip, on the logo, and behind the scroll wheel. There is also a strip that goes around the entire mouse that is lit up. You can choose a single colour for theses, select several colours, or turn the lighting off entirely.


The Razer Synapse 2.0 software that comes with the Diamondback gaming mouse is necessary for changing the colours of your mouse. The cool thing about the Synapse software is that it works with all of your Razer devices and you can sync them for customizable game play. The software itself is easy to navigate and fairly simple to use. I had no problem figuring out how to use it without using a manual.

Another thing to mention about the software is that it lets you create unique profiles for each of your games. This lets you customize colour combinations, button set-up, DPI for each game, which lets you quickly and easily switch between games without the need to re-program your mouse.

Function While Gaming

In all honesty, the function of the Razer Diamondback for game play depends entirely on the game you are playing. The unique shape of the mouse and easily-accessible buttons allow it to offer a great experience for action-packed games, especially FPS. In my opinion, however, the mouse is not as well suited for use with RPG games.

This does not mean that the Diamondback will not work at all for some types of games, it just does not offer the same game play as other mice that are better suited for this purpose. Another thing to mention is that it does not work as well for games that require quick action of the scroll wheel, because of its notched design.


The Diamondback comes with one of the best laser sensors in the industry. It features hyper-response buttons and is fast enough to move 210 inches per second with 1,000 Hertz ultrapolling and 50 grams acceleration. This is a lot of speed, which makes it just what you need for a competitive edge in some types of video games.

Another feature of this mouse is its incredible sensitivity. It can be programmed up to 16,000 dots per inch. However, since most gamers do not exceed 10,000-12,000 DPI, this may be a little bit excessive.

The Diamondback comes with 7 buttons. This includes a button on the left and right sides, a clickable scroll wheel, and two thumb buttons per side. Overall, the buttons are designed nicely, though they may be a little small for some people’s hands. They also do not have the integrated design that some other gaming mice have to offer, so they do wobble a bit more than you may like. It is also very easy to click the buttons on the side that you are not using, but it is very easy to deactivate them.


The Razer Diamondback gaming mouse does have a lot of innovative features that make it great for FPS and other action-packed types of game play. This includes ambidextrous buttons, a really cool design, and incredible speed. Unfortunately, this comes at a cost that is at least $10-$20 more than the next leading competitor’s gaming mouse.

If you are a serious gamer who is willing to pay a little extra to give yourself a competitive edge for action type games, then the Razer Diamondback does have a place in your home. However, you should also note that it costs a little more than other gaming mice that are for the same type of game play. It really comes down to your personal preferences and the style of mouse that is comfortable for you to use.