PS4 Modded Controllers

Looking to get that edge over your mates online? Or are you just looking to get a helping hand on solo games? Then you have come to the right place. We have stock of a huge range of pre-build PS4 controllers with many many different designs. You can even build you own controller design from scratch and change all aspects of the controller and even add your name and logo!

We have some of the best-modded controllers money can buy, our mod chips come with loads of features from rapid fire to jump shot and even auto aim for COD Zombies! For more information about the mods, you can check out this page here.

With our interactive controller builder, you really do have an unlimited choice on how your controller will look, there are millions of different combinations you can choose from. We are sure that no two controllers will ever be the same.(Unless you decided you want two the same!)

Everyone need to game in style these days so take a look at what we can offer you with the Modded PS4 controllers we have listed below.