PS3 Stock Controllers

Thinking about buying a PS3 stock controller? If you are, take a look at the list of stock controllers that we’ve on our site. When it comes to needing a new PS3 controller a lot of people ask the question “What’s the difference between a PS3 stock controller from Sony and a controller from another company?” Here are just some of the differences.

Firstly, the quality of the controller is usually much better if you purchase a PS3 stock controller. If you’ve ever bought a controller from a third party you may have noticed that the edges of the controller can sometimes can be quite rough or even sharp which can actually be dangerous, especially if you’re planning to let children use it. With a controller from Sony you won’t have to worry about this though. Official PS3 controllers can usually take a good bit of abuse before they break since the quality of them is so good, which is great news if you’ve got children that regularly drop things on the ground!

Secondly, response times are much better on PS3 stock controllers in comparison to non-stock controllers. Response time is the time it takes for the PS3 to know that you pressed a button. Obviously this time is usually so small that you don’t even notice, but if you buy a controller from a third party then you might start noticing that the PS3 takes much longer to know that you pressed a button than normal. This can make playing games more frustrating rather than enjoyable, so be careful what controller you purchase.

Another good thing about PS3 stock controllers is that when they are fully charge you should be able to get around 25-30 hours out of it. With non-stock controllers the amount of time that you get out of them is usually much less, so you’ll end up needing to charge the controller much more regularly. This mightn’t sound like much of a big deal, but it can get quite annoying when you constantly need to charge a controller.

Last but not least, all stock controllers are wireless and come with DualShock built in. If you’ve ever used a wireless controller then you’ll know how much better they are compared to wired controllers. Some non-stock controllers are wireless, but none of them have DualShock built in. DualShock is basically a controller that vibrates depending on what’s happening on screen. DualShock makes your overall game experience much better, especially in shooting related games!

As you can see, there are lots of advantages of purchasing a stock PS3 controller, so why no browse through our stock controllers on this page to see if you can find one that you’d like to buy?