Modded Xbox One Controllers

The Benefits of A Modded Xbox One Controller

Modded controllers have always been a topic of discussion amongst gamers to determine whether they are great to play with or not.  There are many benefits associated with using a modded controller and there are many different components that you can put in them to make them better for play.  Below are some of the benefits associated with modding your Xbox One controller.

Rapid Fire Modifications

The most popular type of modification available for Xbox One controllers is the rapid fire mod.  When you have this equipped in your device, you won’t have to rapidly depress a button on your own as the unique technological chip does it for you.  This can be quite advantageous for a numerous amount of games due to the fact that you won’t have to keep pushing a button to receive a specific outcome.  Plus, it helps to complete the action far quicker than by using your own finger.

The majority of individuals who use the rapid fire mod are people who enjoy playing button mashing games and first person shooters.  With button mashing games, users are able to complete sequences in a limited amount of time and in shooters, users can fire burst or single-fire weapons without having to worry about losing accuracy.

Preserving Your Health

Although playing video games may seem like a trivial activity to some, it can certainly be dangerous to your health if played for extended period of time.  Considering that the majority of gamers play for hours on end, having the ability to use a modded controller can help to prevent your fingers from being tired or damaged.  One medical ailment known as carpal tunnel is especially prevalent in gamers (whether for professional or leisure purposes) and with the ability to push a button once rather than 10 times, you will be preserving your energy and safety.

Modding the Appearance

Another benefit associated with using a modded controller is that you can customize the aesthetic appearance of the controller.  You can change the general color of your controller and the color of other objects found on the device such as the toggle sticks and triggers.  Modding the appearance of your Xbox One controller can be quite advantageous for the gamer who doesn’t want to only reap the benefits of using a better device, but that also wants to make their device completely personalized.

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