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If you are after a gaming chair that you can game in for hours at a time, not get a back ache and still looks amazing then these are the chairs for you. The perfect combination of office and gaming all in one.


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GT Omega PRO Racing Gaming Chair Review




Playing Video Games is not necessarily the most physically strenuous activity in the world. It is a pretty much sedentary activity that gives gamers a relaxing sensation. However sitting for hours on end in one position can cause muscle strains on your neck, arms, back, pelvic region, legs; well, pretty much every part of your body.  It is always a good idea to get a gaming chair especially if you plan to play for long hours on end.


The GT Omega Pro Racing Gaming chairs are designed to have features that enhance the gaming experience. I find gaming chairs are better than couches since they offer an improved seating position with accessories that compound to the shtick of gaming.


Why the GT Omega PRO Racing Gaming Chair?


Gaming seats were initially designed for people whose home’s décor was traditionally designed: that is the TV wasn’t too far from the furniture. In this setting it was easy to grab the game pads.  The GT Omega Pro gaming chair helps to set a comfortable virtual world for gamers. 



    • Red and black leather composite fabric material- The elegant exterior material first caught my eye. The beautiful design works well to enhance the structural integrity of the chair.  The leather material is smooth to sit on for hours. I found cleaning the leather surface a piece of cake with an only damp cloth.        


    • Angle adjuster – The GT Omega PRO has a 90-150 degrees angle adjuster. It’s no secret, video games can be quite engaging, with constant need to move elbows. The angle adjuster helps the gamer move from right-left with ease enhancing asynchronous mechanism of a good chair. I found the reclining the seat helps to counter balance the weight of the user reducing tension that builds up after playing for long periods of time 


    • Headrest Pillow and Lumbar cushion- When properly used, the GT gaming chairs will significantly reduce muscle strains particularly around the neck region which I have often experienced in the past. This feature helps to fit the curvature of the user’s spine around the lower back.


    • GT Omega PRO racing gaming chairs have a predominantly orthopedic and ergonomic design. I found the chair especially on my spine, with sophisticated back support that allows you to have great movement, allowing blood circulation. The level of comfort is amazing as it can easily double up as your office chair. I found it very versatile that I got rid of my old chair. 

    • GT Omega PRO racing gaming chairs has a height adjustable gas spring cylinder. I found it superb for different sitting heights. My taller friends still found the seat comfortable delivering a great posture.