Carbon Fiber Black PS4 Custom Modded Controller

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Product Description

Another amazing design courtesy of the guys at ControllerModz!

ControllerModz pride themselves in using only the highest quality automotive-style methods to produce a finish that will look as good in the future as they do now.

They also allow you to customize the controller with your own choice of buttons and thumbsticks, with over a 1000 possible colour combinations.

Controllermodz also provide a swift dispatch service at no extra charge, because unlike the majority of their rivals, 99% of shells and buttons are in stock at the time of purchase which means waiting no more than a few days to receive your customized controller!

Product Information

rapid fire

Add Razorback Maxfire to Take Your Game to the Next Level!

Wouldn’t it be great if the functionality of your controller was as impressive as its customized appearance? Controller Modz can make it happen by adding the Razorback Maxfire Modchip to your controller.

This impressive modchip can boost your game play with a variety of features. It allows Auto Run, Quick Scope, Rapid Fire, Burst, Drop Shot, and so much more. Whether your game is Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo, or another FPS game, you can take your performance to the top.

Font Examples

Personalized to the Max!

Not only does Controller Modz team offer unique colors for buttons and shells, you can add additional personalization for a small fee. Add high-quality vinyl text on one or both handles. You can add a gamertag, name, or short message in a variety of fonts and colors- take your pick!

Domino8or buttons

Add Domin8or Pro Buttons for More Enhancement!

A huge complaint among FPS gamers is it can be hard to keep up with the action. After all, it takes serious skill to move, jump, fire, and drop prone at once.

With the Domina8or Pro Buttons, you can easily perform multiple actions at once. This can improve your performance by an impressive 25%. The Domin8or buttons can be input where the lower gripping finger rests are on the backside of your controller. After installation, simply remap any two buttons of your choosing for the left and right side. Take note that we must remove the Rumble Motors to install the Domin8or buttons.

Guaranteed Genuine Sony Parts- 6 Month Warranty

The team of professional technicians at Controller Modz use a brand new Sony controller for every order. After undergoing a strict customization process to meet what you requested, it is rigiourously tested for quality. Finally, we repackage it carefully before shipping it to your door. A 6-month warranty is included to ensure your total satisfaction.


Domin8or Buttons

Do you struggle with first-person shooter games, just because the action is so fast you need to be able to jump, move, drop prone, and fire at the same time? On a regular controller, this feat is nearly impossible. That is- until you add Domin8or buttons to your arsenal.

Domin8or buttons offer the highest level of precision as you play your game. You simply remap two buttons of your choice to the Domin8or buttons, which are located at the back side of your controller. Our team of gaming experts at Controller Modz recommend either the A and B buttons, or the X and Circle buttons.

One of the greatest things about Domin8or buttons is their convenient location. They are positioned so you can easily use them with your middle finger- allowing you to perform so many actions that your enemies won’t know what is going on. They won’t know whether you are going to shoot, jump, move, or drop prone.

Domin8tor buttons are what you need to dominate the play area. Don’t let your skill be buried because of your controller- upgrade your game today.

Product Features

- 100% Official Sony Controller

- Professionally Hydro Dipped in Unique Pattern

- FULL Microsoft Warranty in tact

- AA Batteries Provided

All controllers come with a 6 month warranty as standard.

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