Black Carbon Fiber & Blue Candy-Paint

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Product Description

Here at we are very proud to have in stock custom modded controllers from Gimika. These controllers really do set Gimika on another level compared to the competition these days.

All of the custom controllers are made in the USA and will be built to last! They are that sure that all of the controllers will come with a 12 month, 100 % guarantee. When Gimika make their controllers they only use the best, thats way all controllers they make get painted in a professional painf booth using the same equipment that they use to paint 6 figure cars!

All of the controller shells will go through a 6 stage process which will take nearly 72 hours for them to make. You know when you put this all together this just mean quality work. From hydro dipping to high end gloss paint jobs Gimkia will have a controller to suit your style. With rich immersive graphics and formulated custom paint to give a mirror like finsih Gimika really do take these custom controllers to a new level.

Product Features

Custom Modded Controllers from Gimika come with

  • Programmable Rapid Fire
  • Burst Rapid Fire
  • Akimbo Rapid Fire
  • Dual Trigger
  • Jitter Rapid Fire
  • Hybrid Optic
  • Drop Shot
  • Jump Shot
  • Fast Reload
  • Quick Scope Sniper
  • Auto Breath
  • Auto Spot
  • Zombie Auto Aim
  • Auto Sprint
  • Turbo Melee and 10 options for button layouts. 
  • Custom Painted design
  • 1 year guarantee
  • These controllers will all be shipped using DHL from the USA. What this means is you will be able to receive your controller within 3-4 business days from the time of completion of the build.
  • All other European customers will have transit times of 4-5 business days.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Gimika are a US based company but in order to help with you and keep the cost down, GIMIKA will pay for the import fees for controllers shipped.

In order to be a successful competitor, Gimika Inc makes it our business to equipped gamers with exceptional performance with our top of the line exceptional quality painted video game controllers. We feel that rich graphics shouldn't only be in videogames, so we invented our own brand of IN-House Factory Paint for our controllers that displays the same finishes found on six figure vehicles Equipped with Programmable Rapid Fire, Dual Trigger Rapid Fire, Jitter Rapid Fire, Akimbo Rapid Fire, Auto Burst Rapid Fire, Quick Scope, Sniper Auto Breath, Turbo Melee, Fast Reload, Zombie Auto Aim, Auto Spot, Auto Sprint, Drop Shot, Jump Shot, 10 Button Layouts. Use up to 4 Mods at ONCE! YES, Rapid-fire + Auto Burst, Quick Scope + Auto Sprint. Combinations Endless. Over 1000Ís of Modes. Cant put a number on it since every payer has his or her own preference. Proudly made in the USA, GIMIKA uses only original controller shells for our custom controllers. Our controller shells go through a 6-stage process to ensure quality. Taking nearly 72-hours to construct and paint, our controllers are painted in a professional paint booth and built in our state-of-the-art clean room facility. PLEASE NOTE: We are a USA based company, therefore all packages are shipped from the USA. Most likely there will be an Import Tax or VAT incurred on your purchased item. Since all Countries have different laws, we cant predict or be responsible for these charges. Do research accordingly. This does not apply to Amazon Prime orders in UK

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