About us

ModdedControllers.co.uk was started for you, to help you find the best modified custom controllers instead of the same old gaming controller. For years now Xbox and PS3 controllers have been the same old and they have remained very boring with no sense of making them your own or have any sort of customization.

Here at ModdedControllers.co.uk we believe your gaming controller should help you to be a better gamer and also reflect a bit of your personality as an individual. This is why our range of custom modded rapid fire controllers for the Xbox 360, PS3 Xbox One and PS4 include colours and designs that will welcome any taste.

Please take some time out and have a look at some of our custom controllers. We are sure you will find something to fit your taste and needs as a gamer in the UK. If you  have a question, please feel free to to get in touch with us by email, we are always willing to help you with whatever you need.


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